Graham A. Doig

Online NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival Registration
For the upcoming festival season, online registration is available for several Solo and Ensemble Festivals being held across the state, mostly in Zone 7. The registration program for Microsoft Windows, used in previous years, will not be generally available any more.
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Why online registration ? Using online registration relieves the festival chairperson of the burden of entering hundreds or even thousands of registration entries, which is always a repetitive effort prone to transcription errors, not to mention difficulties in deciphering hand-written registration forms. It also enforces some rules regarding concise instrument/voice names and certain restrictions for NYSSMA AllState applicants. Registration fees are automatically calculated.
What are the benefits for participating directors ? Directors can add, change and delete students as time permits up until the registration deadline for the festival. This way, misspelled names and other registration errors can be corrected much earlier in the festival process. All that is required is that they send the appropriate registration fees and AllState application forms to the festival chair by the deadline.
Why computer scheduling ? A festival chairperson's time would arguably be better spent on the administrative details of organizing and running the festival than the mechanics of developing the schedule. Indeed, when the number of participants gets into the thousands, using computer technology is the obvious choice. The current algorithm considers participants and their accompanists individually after prioritizing them by registration date. As of June 2011, it has been used for 94 festivals since 1993 and 150,000 solos and ensembles.
What is the process ? The intent is that participating directors enter their student information online. When registration closes, I will use the online database to calculate the schedule. Directors will be able to access their schedules online or the chair can send them printed copies. Making schedule changes is greatly facilitated in that the chair can immediately make changes while on the phone with directors. Finally, on the day of the festival, the chair can print all the required room schedules, student lists and tally sheets. Scores may be entered online by the chairperson.